Friday, June 19, 2009

Swimming with the fishies....

Today I officially started my next e-course, "in a fish bowl".  After listening to Marisa's first podcast I am hooked already (no pun intended!). I am doing this course in an attempt to get my butt in gear with starting my own creative business. For the past few months I have come to a real stand still with this one, but tonight I am feeling the motivation creeping back in. Marisa hit the nail on the head completely when she said that it is easy to lose focus in the online world. It's great that there are opportunities beyond our wildest dreams but in being able to constantly see what others are doing minute by minute one often ends up comparing their creativity and progress with others, which can lead to problems. I have definitely been experiencing this lately. Instead of focusing on what I want to create or do, I am doubting my work as soon as I compare it to the work of others. Marisa has provided me with some much needed focus and clarity and I can't wait to get started. She suggested that we use this time to tune back into ourselves and reconnect with our own focus, and I am going to put all my energy into doing just that. 

P.S. If you haven't checked out Marisa's blog creative thursday you should head over there immediately. She is a wonderful artist and a beautiful soul.


  1. Hello Sister~Fishie~Goddess!

    I'm glad that we are taking Marisa'a class! :D I already love it, too. Your banner up there is GORGEOUS! Off to explore more of your bloggie!


  2. Hello Bel,
    What a great first class! It's so true about distraction from so much inspiration leading to constant comparison. I find at times you have to keep your blinders on and charge straight ahead...glad you are on the journey, too!


  3. Hello fellow Fish-Bowler! I just wanted to stop by and say I love the energy of your space here and am so excited about doing the course too. Have a great week.

  4. thank you Bel! so happy to have you in class! & am loving that you are already "hooked" :)

  5. I'm out browsing the blogs of all our fellow fishies and wanted to say hi. Looking forward to sharing your journey over the next 6 weeks!

  6. Hello! Checking out your blog. I like the red ribbons banner!