Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thanks to the universe....

I'm sending my thanks out to the universe tonight because its the most peaceful night I've had with my little man in over a week. There were no tantrums, just lots of grape eating and tv watching with his mama. Just what I needed.......

Thank you George.........

George Michael performing "Outside". (Image from

I went to George Michael last night and it was so much fun! First song was "Fast Love" which was the perfect choice. Pretty much from the word go we were out of our seats dancing and that continued for most of the concert. Talk about a walk down memory lane, with songs from the Wham days such as "Everything she wants" and "I'm your man". The era of the supermodel returned with "Too Funky" and "Freedom" (which was the final song of the evening). He mixed it up in the middle with a dance version of "Spinning the wheel" and one of my faves, "Amazing". "Father Figure" and "Careless Whisper" didn't disappoint either, but my song of the night would have been "Outside" when George switched his pants and jacket for the cop uniform. Sense of humour alive and well! He may look a little older but his voice and moves are still exactly the same and its so cool to have seen such an icon live in concert.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Currenty Loving.....

Things I am currently loving:

1. The cover for Lisa Mitchell's CD.

2. Flashback Pullover - lululemon Athletica

3. Peanut Brittle Fingers from Darrell Lea

4. Mesh Tiffany & Co ring

"If you're not ready to have your heart broken, you're not ready to be a parent".......

I was watching an episode of Brothers and Sisters this morning and this was a line from Rob Lowe's character that really rang true for me. This week has been one in which I have been dealing with an intensity of different emotions that comes with being a parent. For some reason, there seems to have been a shift with my Little Boo Boo and it feels like he aged a year over night. This may have something to do with the fact that my husband got Boo Boo's hair cut (no more long, little baby hair), so now my Boo Boo looks like a real little boy. Along with the loss of hair appears to have come some new phrases and attitudes that I can't say I want to stick around very long. If I never hear the words "Stop", "No" and "Don't want" ever again, it will be too soon. They are often accompanied by a tantrum that comes out of nowhere and lasts for anywhere up to 30 minutes - while I go through a mixture of emotions including heartbreak over the fact that he is so upset and I have no idea why, frustration that I can't seem to do anything about it, exhaustion from the mental strain of going through this every evening this week, and desperation at the thought that this is what my life will look like from now on (I know that this phase, like all others will pass, but when you are in it with no sign of it letting up, fear does start to creep in....!). On the flip side is the feeling of utter love that comes when his little head rests on my shoulder and he clings to me like a koala, or he pouts his little lips to give me a kiss. Talk about intense roller coaster ride! I totally get that this is what parenting is, but hopefully next week can be a little less intense so that Mummy can catch her breath and regain her sanity!

Way To Go Cheltzie!

Exciting news from the Winter Olympics! Cheltzie Lee, is through to the second stage of the ice dancing after pulling off an awesome performance to Michael Buble's "Feeling Good" (music selection went down a treat with the Canadians!). Not only is this exciting because she is an Aussie, but because she just happens to be on the Research and Development team at our lululemon store on George St, Sydney. I've met Cheltzie and her Mum a number of times, as they love our gear, and its a huge buzz to see her doing so well. Amazing stuff from someone who is 16 years old. Wishing her all the best for the next section of the competition!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yummy Lebanese Cuisine.....

Last night I had a girls dinner with my twin sister and two other friends who I have known since the beginning of high school. We went to a Lebanese Restaurant called Zenobia, in Leichardt and it was sooooo good. We had the $45 per head banquet and there was so much food we couldn't eat it all. The service was great and the food came quickly - well worth it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dosha link....

I have had many requests from people asking me for the link to the 'dosha quiz' that I did. So here it is:

Enjoy, and let me know what you discover!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentines.....

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I want to say to my two very special Valentine's that I love you both very much and am soooo lucky to have you in my life. X

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great Weekend....

I have been fortunate enough to have a 3 day weekend (very rare as I usually work on Sundays). This weekend was a chance for my husband and I to spend some much needed time together, and it has made my heart much lighter. Yesterday my husband took me to have a manicure and pedicure (a Valentines Day treat) and then he took me out for dinner at Wildfire. Today we went out for breakfast and then had a lazy day around the house. I've been able to catch up on my blogging, read my design mags, watch Brothers and Sisters and eat pizza - and its been great!

Find my dosha......

(Image via

For a while now, I have been meaning to investigate what dosha I am. It turns out that I am Pitta dosha, which in humans represents the fire element. People with Pitta personality are known for warm, friendly behaviour and leadership qualities. I have to say, much of what I read was quite spot on. Here are some of the main points that resonated with me:

Pitta people usually keep in shape as they rarely gain or lose much weight.
Pitta people usually have strong metabolisms and strong appetites. Thus they take large quantities of food and liquid at a time and often get angry or irritated if they have to miss or wait for a meal (Yep, that's me!).

Behavioural/Psychological - Positives:
Pitta people have sharp minds and superior memory hence they boast outstanding learning, understanding and concentrating powers.
These people are orderly, focused, assertive and entrepreneurial by nature.
Pitta people have inborn leadership skills with good comprehension power, focused vision and blessed wisdom. They are usually good public speakers and also capable of sharp, sarcastic, cutting speech.
They have natural fondness for noble professions and often make large amounts of money. They like to spend on luxurious items like perfume and jewelry.
Pitta people appreciate material prosperity and they tend to be moderately well off financially. They like to surround themselves with beautiful objects.

Behavioural/Psychological - Negatives:
Pitta person is often stubborn, pushy, prejudiced and authoritarian.
They have emotional tendencies toward hate, anger and jealousy.
Pitta people become commanding, irritated, angry, aggressive, demanding and assertive when out of balance.
They can be judgmental, critical and perfectionist, and tend to become angry easily.
Pitta person is subject to temper tantrums, impatience and anger.

Indications of balanced pitta:
Good digestion
Goal-setting inclinations
Good problem-solving skills
Keen powers of intelligence
Boldness and courage
Bright complexion

Indications of Imbalanced Pitta:
Factors that can cause pitta imbalance include hardwork, over-exertion and over heating. Pitta is a fire element, thus summer is a time when it gets easily aggravated. When pitta is out of balance, physical and behavioural signs and symptoms occur.

Physical: Fitful sleep, disturbing dreams, insomnia, ulcers, weakness due to low blood sugar levels, fevers, night sweats and anaemia.

Behavioural: Angry, irritable, hostile, critical to self and others, argumentative, aggressive, bossy, controlling, frustrated, willful, reckless, mental confusion.

I tell you what, after reading these lists (especially the indications of imbalance), this all makes so much sense to me. I am totally imbalanced in my life at the moment and I know it. So I'm going to really look at where I can eliminate the factors that are causing this in my life and get balanced so that I can go back to living a life I enjoy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

An Inspiration....

(Sydney design duo Arent&Pyke - via The Design Files)
Sarah-Jane left of shot

Today I was browsing my fave design blogs and came across something that made my heart sing. Featured in the Design Files (and apparently Real Living Magazine) today, is Arent and Pyke, an amazing design duo from Sydney. The little piece that is special to me is the fact that I went to high school with Sarah-Jane Pyke and I am just so so so so extremely proud and excited to see where she is at today. We were part of a gang of kids who didn't live close to our school, so we spent many hours traveling on the train together, and then later driving to and from school. We lost touch once we left school, but our paths would cross every now and then through mutual friends. What stands out for me is how Sarah-Jane has remained true to herself and followed her dream. She was one of the most intelligent students in our class; mature beyond her years and so witty. I would actually never have guessed that this would be where she would end up in life, but to see her creative spirit out there and her being so successful makes me feel really, really great.

Follow your dreams everyone....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Letter To Myself.......

It seems really strange to be writing this, as I can tell you that right now, I don't feel deserving of love. In fact, I feel quite the opposite. The thoughts that are going around my head sound something like this: "How did I ever truly believe that there could be something new for me, that there was a greater version of me that could exist, that I could take a leap of faith and that it is possible to live a life that I truly love? How did I ever think that I could choose dreams for myself and that they could possibly come true?". I feel overwhelmingly disappointed in myself. That I put all my faith and trust in myself and I have let me down.

As I write this I am starting to see how absurd this sounds and how hard I have been and am being on myself. In hindsight, I feel as though I have been walking around with all this pressure on myself to prove that this path I have taken in life is the 'right' one. That letting go of certain expectations I had about life and the way I should live it has not been in vain. Today is the first day I have been able to recognise or name these feelings and express what it is that has been tying me up in knots for a while now. For myself and everyone in my life, its time I let it go. I have been fooling myself that I have been being kind to, and supportive of myself. But I haven't been at all. So I want to say the following:

Dear Bel,
You have permission to give yourself a break. To chase your dreams is not easy and self-indulgent. It is actually incredibly hard! The only way to even remotely begin to start chasing your dreams is to love yourself unconditionally and to direct an amazing amount of kindness towards yourself. You think you have been doing this, but you haven't. You have been letting that little voice that judges and criticizes creep in, and that is what has been over-taking your thoughts. You don't have anything to prove to yourself or anyone. Remember, there is no 'right' path - there is just living in the moment, here and now, and wherever that leads you is where you are supposed to be. There is no courage without fear, no clarity without confusion. Its ok to not know, to be frozen, to doubt- and then to keep hoping and moving forward nonetheless. That is life. And you are worthy of this one.