Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthday Wish List....

As my birthday is approaching I thought I would put a wish list out there. If you're anything like me you have numerous thoughts of gifts or items you would like when its not your birthday, but as soon as people ask you what you want when it is, you can't remember any of those things. So while I have some ideas floating around my head, I will get them down. And if anyone is a little stumped for ideas feel free to use some of these.........!

  1. A new printer: (with excellent scanning ability - I am hoping to be able to scan some of my sketches and artwork etc). 
  2. Books Kinokuniya voucher: This book store is located in Galleries Victoria across from the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. It is one of my favourite places in the world. They have every type of book imaginable as well as art supplies. I could spend hours and hours in there.
  3. Eckersley's art store voucher: The place I regularly go to buy all my art supplies. Beautiful paper, paints, pens, sketch pads etc.
  4. Spotlight voucher: (If they have such a thing?) I know this probably sounds like a weird thing to ask for but its another place that I frequent to buy ribbon, materials, fabrics, wool etc for all my little projects. Prices are not too bad and there is a store near me. 
  5. Magazine Subscriptions: Magazines are my guilty pleasure as well as a huge source of inspiration for design and creative ideas. I have a subscription to Real Living (thanks lovely husband) but also love Home Beautiful, Inside Out, Frankie, Harpers Bazaar & Madison to name a few. Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. 
  6. A session with Madeleine: This one requires an explanation (see below).
Madeleine is a clairvoyant that I went to see at the beginning of the year. Its not something I have ever done before but a friend of mine has been going to her for years and I have always been curious. Armed with my new found willingness to experience new things in life, I decided to go along. It was actually very relaxing and more like having an hour long chat with a friend or counsellor. To cut a long story short, she was spot on with so many things. I specifically remember her saying that she could see writing in my life and working part time. At the time I brushed off both of those suggestions. I didn't fancy myself as a writer and didn't have anything going on remotely related to that (the closest I cam was writing lesson plans at school and I don't class that as writing). I also scoffed at the idea of working part time because I was adamant that it was not an option at my workplace. But now suddenly, those very things are prominent in my life. I have my blog, which has become one of my passions, and I am about to start working part time. What gets me the most is that I never set out to deliberately get a part time job. I had no idea when I approached lululemon that they would only have part time work on offer, and I resigned from my teaching job with no intention of working there part time (that was an option put out there by my boss after I said I was leaving - I didn't initiate that plan). So if you ask me, its pretty freaky (in a good way). Madeleine also told me that I would have my own business but that it wouldn't involve just doing one thing, I would do a variety of things. She said that she could see paintings with bright colours (I often do star paintings for friends babies that are bright in colour) and that I wouldn't have any trouble making money from this. 

So in a nutshell, this explains Madeleine.

If/when I think of any more ideas I will post them as well!!!!!

This image is of a Pixie Party from Martha Isn't it so adorable? 

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