Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Apologies for my absence my poor little blog....

Oh little blog, how I've missed you! The Christmas period has been quite chaotic. I feel as though I need time to stand still for a week so that I can catch up with everything (or more importantly, rest to get over everything). Christmas came amidst a blur of work (I have worked every day since boxing day, so already feel as if Christmas Day was a lifetime ago). I'm feeling as though I need to re-group so that I can start 2010 in a great way. So I'm starting by coming back to my little blog, since I feel the need to be inspired and inspiring. Its so easy to get caught up in day to day things and then start thinking, "Oh I don't have anything that is noteworthy to post about". But, really I need this blog for myself. Regardless of whether anyone else even reads it, it brings me back to a part of myself that I need to visit consistently. A place where I can focus my attention on, and celebrate, myself, my family, the joys in life, art, creativity etc and hopefully inspire others to do the same. So nice to be back....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Cheeky smiles from my little man.

Great experiences with guests at the store.

Meaningful chats with lulu friends.

Life changing (in a good way!) news from another friend.

Burgers and beers with an amazing lulu friend for dinner.

Making a difference.

What more could a girl ask for?

Monday, December 21, 2009


"Ignorance can be an advantage, and feedback an incredibly useful tool. It allows you to share the journey, which helps make writing accessible to beginners. And it allows you the courage to do things you would not do if you waited until you already know everything, especially because as you learn more, you learn how much you don't know."
Aaron Wall

Sunday, December 20, 2009

You were right sis, I can't put it down.....

I started reading Andre Agassi's autobiography yesterday and I cannot put it down. It is so interesting to see just how different his life was and is behind the scenes, as opposed to what one would imagine. Even if you are not necessarily an Agassi or tennis fan, this is a great read. Here's a little description for you:

From Andre Agassi, one of the most beloved athletes in history and one of the most gifted men ever to step onto a tennis court, a beautiful, haunting autobiography.

Agassi’s incredibly rigorous training begins when he is just a child. By the age of thirteen, he is banished to a Florida tennis camp that feels like a prison camp. Lonely, scared, a ninth-grade dropout, he rebels in ways that will soon make him a 1980s icon. He dyes his hair, pierces his ears, dresses like a punk rocker. By the time he turns pro at sixteen, his new look promises to change tennis forever, as does his lightning-fast return.

And yet, despite his raw talent, he struggles early on. We feel his confusion as he loses to the world’s best, his greater confusion as he starts to win. After stumbling in three Grand Slam finals, Agassi shocks the world, and himself, by capturing the 1992 Wimbledon. Overnight he becomes a fan favorite and a media target.

Agassi brings a near-photographic memory to every pivotal match and every relationship. Never before has the inner game of tennis and the outer game of fame been so precisely limned. Alongside vivid portraits of rivals from several generations—Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer—Agassi gives unstinting accounts of his brief time with Barbra Streisand and his doomed marriage to Brooke Shields. He reveals a shattering loss of confidence. And he recounts his spectacular resurrection, a comeback climaxing with his epic run at the 1999 French Open and his march to become the oldest man ever ranked number one.

In clear, taut prose, Agassi evokes his loyal brother, his wise coach, his gentle trainer, all the people who help him regain his balance and find love at last with Stefanie Graf. Inspired by her quiet strength, he fights through crippling pain from a deteriorating spine to remain a dangerous opponent in the twenty-first and final year of his career. Entering his last tournament in 2006, he’s hailed for completing a stunning metamorphosis, from nonconformist to elder statesman, from dropout to education advocate. And still he’s not done. At a U.S. Open for the ages, he makes a courageous last stand, then delivers one of the most stirring farewells ever heard in a sporting arena.

With its breakneck tempo and raw candor, Open will be read and cherished for years. A treat for ardent fans, it will also captivate readers who know nothing about tennis. Like Agassi’s game, it sets a new standard for grace, style, speed, and power.

Just the day I needed....

Today marked the start of Christmas festivities in my family. My Dad's side of the family all got together to share gifts and catch up (with such a big extended family, we can't catch up with everyone on Christmas Day). It was exactly what I needed to re-focus on what is important and to be reminded of just how lucky I am to have such a great family. My cousins, Emma and Alexandra made my Nan an amazing movie with photos from when my Nan was young, and of all our family members. It was so great to see so many photos of my Nan that I had never seen before. Much love to both Emma and Alexandra for taking the time to put this together and share it with all of us.

My Dad and Step-Mum gave my husband and I a terrific hamper full of goodies. It also came with a kimmidoll for me, named 'Sakura'. My Step-Mum chose it because she thought the meaning behind the doll represented me so well. The card reads: Sakura 'Clarity'. My spirit grounds and gives focus. You release my power by consciously living each moment. Discover the joy, clarity and peace that flows from being fully present in your life. I am so touched by this thoughtful gift. What a great day!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seth Godin's new e-book = AMAZING!

For anyone who hasn't visited Seth Godin's website, DO IT NOW! He recently released a free e-book titled "What Matters Now", where he has compiled more than 70 big thinkers, each sharing an idea for you to think about as we head into the new year. As Seth suggests, there are probably too many ideas in there to absorb in one sitting, and some may not apply to you. But the point is to think, to cycle, to talk about it.

So I really have nothing more to say than "Read. Be Inspired. Pass It On".

Awesome Day....

What an awesome day. It started with a coffee and a walk in Centennial Park with a friend and our little ones. Then I walked to work and did some admin stuff at the store. At midday two of my lulu peeps and I hit V Club for a Zumba class (we did our first one of these last week and are hooked!). We then had lunch and did more work in my favourite book store, followed by a Hatha Yoga class with one of our lululemon ambassadors, Kelli Prieur. Kelli's class was challenging but fun (the headstands and handstands were cool). She also really brought my focus back to what is important when she discussed gratitude at the end of the class. I definitely need more gratitude in my life right now. Time to crack open that gratitude journal again I think.....

P.S Isn't my Boo Boo sooooo cute. I just had to show these photos off!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boo Boo is back!

My Little Man came home today. I feel like I haven't seen him or my husband for weeks! This afternoon was my first ever Christmas Concert as a parent (wow, I can't believe it!). The Little Man was having some attachment issues and spent half the time in the audience instead of in the performance space, god love him. When he was out the front though, he was soooo cute. He was waving to everyone and singing the songs and generally being gorgeous. The really fun part was trying to stop him from stuffing his face with all the party food that was put out afterwards!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ah ha's.....

Image by blondepowers via flickr

"Our biggest fear is not that we are inadequate
Our biggest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure
We ask ourselves, who am I
to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
Your playing small doesn't serve the world
We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us
and as we let our own light shine
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same"

Marianne Williamson

These concepts are ringing very true for me at the moment. Some, I 'get' completely and others are a work in progress. I cannot agree more with the idea that when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. Over the past year I have worked hard to find my light and share it with other people (and to come to understand that it is ok to do so). I have shared the 'real' me and been more authentic than ever before in my life, and by doing this I have given myself and others a gift. When we are happy with ourselves, understand ourselves, celebrate and share ourselves with the world and are authentic in everything we do, it inspires others. It allows them to see how wonderful life can be and motivates them to get out there to find and spread their own joy.

In the past I have had a hard time truly believing the idea that our biggest fear could be that we are powerful beyond measure. Who would be afraid of being powerful? Wouldn't we all love to get to that point in our lives and when we did, wouldn't we grab it with both hands? Apparently not. I can attest to this. I am powerful in my own life. Sharing my life experiences and being my true self has had an amazing effect on the people around me. I have seen this, felt this, been told this. I know this to be true. If this powerful self is the very same person who made a huge life change this year and left her teaching job to join the lululemon family, why then do I let fear and doubt creep in and essentially play-down the power that I know exists within me? The answer to this question only started to dawn on me in the past week. It is because I am letting past disappointments cloud my mind. I haven't realised it, but I must still be carrying them around with me.

What I need to trust is that I have found my place to be powerful, where I can take that leap of faith and throw everything I have and everything I am into this life and I will be supported. I'm not going to be 'dropped' or be told 'Be Big, Be Powerful - ok stop, now you're too powerful', as has happened in the past. I need to fully let go and trust that the culture of lululemon and the amazing people I work with is where I can finally be me and achieve greatness. I did truly believe this when i first decided to change my life and work with lululemon, but I've let fear creep in since then.

I made an enormous stand for my own greatness in changing how I live my life, and in changing my career path at the time in life that I have (age 32, with a 1 year old). I need to keep holding myself accountable. I didn't put in the hard work and make those big decisions to come to lululemon to be mediocre. I came to lululemon because I truly believe with all my heart that I have finally found the place where I can be the powerful person that I am, and where I will make a difference in a way that goes beyond anything I could ever have imagined for myself. I'm here, its here and its time to do this! So I am a lululemon store manager by July 2010, I am Regional Manager for lululemon by July 2012 and I am General Manager of lululemon athletica Australia by July 2016. Whooo hoooo!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Missing Boo Boo....

Boo Boo (aka My Little Man) has gone on a little holiday with his Daddy, Uncle and cousin. And I miss him like crazy. (Alas I am working so cannot partake in the nice trip to a seaside location - boy would I love to get away though!). We had lots of Mummy and Boo Boo time on Friday afternoon and evening, and Saturday morning, so when the time came for him to head off for a few days, it nearly broke my heart. That moment where they realise you are putting them in the car seat but you won't actually be joining them in the car, is the saddest.....

Having said this, the ability to sleep without being woken up at 4am is wonderful - I won't lie. I was able to head out on the town with the lulu gang last night, which was also fun. Pretty dresses, champagne and girl talk is essential every now and then.

Anyway, love to my lovely husband and Boo Boo. Don't get up to too much mischief on your boys trip!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This week has been a very powerful week for me so far. And it is all because of feedback. We all need constructive feedback in order to help us achieve greatness. Yesterday I received two emails from lululemon colleagues whom I really admire. I was overwhelmed by the feedback they gave me in terms of where they can see me going with the company and about who I am as a person. Exactly what they said is not important for this post (although I do think Belinda Youll General Manager lululemon athletica Australia has a nice ring to it don't you? - I was going to write ha ha here but I deleted it as I would be playing small and I'm all about playing big!). What is important is the impact that this feedback had on me and how it made me feel. And what I want to pass on to everyone is that you should never underestimate the impact you can have on someone by offering them honest and positive feedback. One encouraging word, sentence or conversation can literally change a person's life. You may think it is insignificant but it could actually be a defining moment in their path to greatness. The best thing is, we all have the power to be that person for someone else, so get cracking with that feedback!

I also want to acknowledge Elizabeth, who is one of my fellow lulu's at the ivy store. She gave me some incredible feedback this week as well (how lucky am I this week?) by telling me how much she missed my presence while I was away at the lululemon conference in Melbourne. She also told me that I had changed her entire experience of living in Australia by making her feel included and welcome. (Oh my gosh, I'm tearing up re-living this conversation!). Anyway, thank you sweet pea. Your words meant so much to me. xx

This was my morning....

My Little Man, Bondi Beach, Turkish toast with Vegemite, a skim latte and a run. What more could a gal ask for?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is why I do what I do....

Today I had an amazing experience in the store. I met Michel and Helene who are part of a group of four Canadian cyclists from the Motor Adaptation Foundation who are in Australia as part of their “Seeing Beyond” World Tour. This group's incredible adventure began back in 2003, and by 2012 they hope to have completed 42, 195km across at least 4 continents. Backed by Lions International, and more specifically by the Lions Club of Quebec l'Ancienne-Lorette, these four Canadians have been leading by example, riding across North America and Europe to show the world that everyone, young and old, including anyone with disabilities, needs to take an active part in life and maintain good mental and physical health. The group have achieved their goal of riding 4,219.5km in Australia, and did so in 39 days. And, get this: The youngest member of the team is 68 years of age!!!!!

Michel and Helene initially came in the store because they wanted to purchase an inspiring gift for someone and decided to get him one of our water bottles. Once I heard their story, I told them they could choose four bottles, one for each person in their group, and take them as a gift from lululemon to congratulate them and support them on their journey. They were completely overwhelmed by this offering and said that the I 'heart' lululemon bottles would always remind them of me. (They also said they would be telling everyone where their bottles came from). Even more touching was the fact that they returned to the store later in the afternoon, because they wanted to have their photo taken with me (Awwwww!). Despite being from Canada, Michel and Helene were not familiar with lululemon. I feel quite privileged to have been their introduction to our culture and brand.

How lucky am I that I get to have these wonderful experiences as part of a days 'work'?

Note: To read more about this group and their inspiring founder, you can click here.

How is this for an awesome dessert?

Last night my twin sis and I went out for dinner to a cafe around the corner from her house. The food was all really, really nice but the dessert was the best. Rich chocolate and peanut butter fondant topped with salted caramel icecream. My mouth will be watering for days to come just thinking about it........