Monday, June 22, 2009

'in the fish bowl' - homework part 1

Each week for my course I am given homework (or 'head work' as someone phrased it). I have decided to share my thoughts and work on my blog in an attempt to make myself a bit more accountable. I figure if I put it all 'out there,' then I have nowhere to hide as such. So here goes:

Why do you love what you create?

I'm still refining exactly what it is that I am 'creating', but I love to make things for the sentiment behind them. I love to give something meaningful and special, that demonstrates how much a particular person means to me or lets them know that I am thinking of them. At present I am drawn to creating gifts for 'little people'. I tend to create paintings but would like to also produce cards, photographs, digital media, baby clothes etc.

What are you working on when you lose all sense of time?

I would have to say paintings, drawing/sketching and working on my blog (which is also a creative outlet for me). 

What does success mean to you?

Success to me means making a difference in this world, that I appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life and that I get to spend the majority of my time being creative.  It also means having balance in my life. That I have time for myself, my family, my friends and to give back to other people. If I can inspire others and go to bed at night knowing that I have had a positive effect on someone, that also makes me feel successful. Success to me feels simple, balanced, fulfilling, exciting, calm, joyful and alive.

How are you honestly feeling about yourself in relation to your work right now?

Stuck, dispirited, lacking confidence, unsure, questioning myself, not free, disheartened, annoyed, lacking focus, messy etc etc.

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  1. Nice post- I love what you say about what success means to you. I hate when I am feeling unsure and questioning- it happens on this journey, right? Sending my best to you- nice to meet you.

    And thanks for your honesty. You are inspiring me to post on my blog about this class.