Friday, July 24, 2009

My Epiphany.....

Yesterday I completed my EIT (aka Educator In Training) session at lululemon. This session is usually done before you start on the store floor but hey, I'm not phased by a challenge! It was great to finally get a chance to examine and learn more about all the fabrics that are used and the amazing technology that is behind each garment. I could literally spend the next week or more telling you about all the product and the features. If you have not been to a store you absolutely have to visit one. Even if you don't want to buy any clothing its is a great place to go just to wander around, chat to the educators in the store, see what's going on in your community etc and most importantly to inject a bit of fun and happiness into your day. 
Part of the session yesterday also involved goal setting (a number one priority at lululemon). This came at just the right time for me as I have been trying to put together my 1, 5 and 10 year goals to be displayed in the store. I was struggling a bit in terms of what my over-riding career goal is. I know that I am passionate about inspiring others, being the change I want to see in the world, being creative etc etc, and I want to start my own business. Even though I am ready to leave teaching, I have this burning desire to change the world by improving the lives of children and helping them grow up to be the best people they can be. I also know that I have been drawn to lululemon for a purpose that has nothing to do with the need to earn a living, but haven't been able to pinpoint which direction I would like to start traveling in with the company. All of this was starting to frustrate me because I have this need to be working towards something but I wasn't quite sure how to piece it all together. UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!

It suddenly clicked to me last night that I am so drawn to lululemon because the spirit behind it represents everything I stand for and believe with all my heart. The clothes and accessories are awesome but the core of this company is the community it is creating and the desire to elevate people from mediocrity to greatness. The clothes are sold so that money can be made for lululemon stores to run free yoga sessions; to hold free community events and information evenings; to pay for employees to attend yoga or other exercise sessions so that they are living breathing examples of what the company stands for; and so that they can continue to set up these hubs of inspiration and happiness all over the world. 
And that is what I am going to do, but with a focus on our most valuable commodity: the next generation. Everything I have ever chosen to do in my life has been focused upon what it is allowing me to do in terms of changing or improving the lives of others. I chose to be a physical education and health teacher because I wanted to help young women, in particular, to have a positive educational experience that would enable them to reach their full potential in life. I have always believed that anyone can achieve anything they want, provided they have at least one person who believes in them, and I have tried to be that person for all the students I have come in contact with. I believe with all my heart that change in the world will only come about if we focus on children (the next generation). For them to really believe in themselves and make a difference they must be given positive messages and their ‘tank of love’ must be filled up every day so that they can then give to others. If children are surrounded by positive and life affirming messages, we can have an enormous impact on their self-esteem, which is the necessary component for an individual to be successful in life. I won't go into anymore detail regarding my business just yet, because I think I have said enough for one post! But I will say that I am putting this out there because thats the only way goals and dreams can come true. Whether it all turns out exactly as I think or hope it will now is irrelevant. The intention is there and wherever this particular journey takes me is where I'm meant to go. For now what I am going to do is throw myself into this with everything I've got so that I can "Be the change I want to see in the world".

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  1. You articulate with such clarity the original intent that is lululemon. It is through elevating our people that we 'elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness' - (wow- so much more than just black stretchy pants isn't it?!) But who would've thought that $129 black stretchy pants enable us to facilitate our communities to live longer, healthier and more fun live through the programming we are able to offer at each store. And how beautiful is it that we have elevated you (and you us!) towards elevating the next generation with your passion. Mediocrity is about to get its butt kicked!

    So priviledged to have your smiling face in my work (is it really work?!) day everyday :)

    Yours in health, love and life
    Christi x