Monday, July 6, 2009

Goal update.....

Despite not being able to get out of bed until midday (before you start thinking that I must lead a life of such leisure, picture my lovely husband and I being up from 2:30am with the little man who WON'T GO TO SLEEP!!!!!), I achieved quite a bit today. I was supposed to do the daycare run this morning as I am semi on holidays (break from school but starting at lululemon). I was so tired I felt sick to my stomach but I didn't want to ask the husband to do it because he always does it and he hasn't been well himself lately. So I was lying in bed wondering how on earth I was even going to get out of bed let alone get dressed, dress the little man, drive to daycare, converse with daycare ladies, drive home, walk up the stairs to our apartment..... I think you get the idea of just how tired I was. Then low and behold my WONDERFUL husband says out of nowhere, "Bel if you help me get the little man ready I will take him to daycare". More beautiful words have never been spoken. I was so grateful I could have cried.

Anyway, I was quite disappointed with the fact that I didn't surface until midday because I had been very keen to get cracking on my new goals. Despite the late start I'm pretty happy with what I managed. I did some menial little tasks I have needed to do and then I rang St John of God hospital re helping out and staying involved with the mums and bubs unit. The lady who runs the unit is hoping to get back to me this week about what I can do or when I can come in. It can get a bit frustrating because it takes so long to get things moving. But I am determined to keep plugging away because of the difference that even the smallest things can make to the women at the hospital. 

I also went for a bike ride in the park. Note to self: don't ride 20km first go when you haven't ridden a bike in about 20 years and you are riding your husbands bike that is too big, and it has a seat that KILLS YOUR BUTT!!!!!! Today was definitely a situation where my competitive nature got the better of me. I should have taken it easy and just completed 10km at the most. But oh no, each time I finished a lap of the park I thought "I better do one more".  I was in so much pain after my 5th lap of the park that I didn't know how I would get home (don't even talk to me about walking up the stairs once I got home. OMG!!!!!). When my husband asked me how many laps I did I thought he would tell me I was a wimp and that I didn't do enough (this is his usual approach with me. He pushes me quite hard and I have to remind him that he is not in the Army anymore and that it isn't a good idea to order your wife around as if she was some 20 year old private - but I digress). Anyway, I told him I did 5 laps and he says "Bel, you did 20kms you know!". I said "Yes, I know and my butt has felt every inch of those 20kms". And he says "Three laps probably would have been a good start". Mmmmm, that is information that my backside could have done with hearing ooh say, BEFORE I set off on my lovely ride. I can definitely say that for now bike riding will be a once in a while thing!

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