Friday, July 10, 2009

Brian Tracy - Part 4.....

  • Every peak performing man and woman is an obsessive goal setter. They are motivated by compelling internal goals.
  • When we program a goal into our brain we have a cybernetic goal seeking function that begins to move us automatically and rapidly toward its accomplishment.
2 steps to success:
1. Decide exactly what it is you want to accomplish (most people never take this step).
2. Determine the price you are going to have to pay to accomplish what you want and resolve to pay that price and to make the sacrifices necessary to accomplish it.
  • Every person is capable of achieving excellence in at least one area. Every person on earth has a purpose; something valuable and special to offer. You must decide where your area of excellence lies. to do this, look at what interests you, what attracts your attention, look at what you would do if you weren't being paid at all, what you would do if there were no limitations on your ability at all. 
  • You can only become excellent doing what you love to do.
Finding your area of excellence
  • Our major opportunities in life usually come disguised as hard work. Our opportunity to accomplish all that we want in life usually occurs under our own feet. So when you set goals, look right where you are and start there.
  • You have to have a balance of goals for a balanced life. Set 3-5 goals in each of the following areas: 1. Family and personal goals; 2. Business and career; 3. Self improvement.
  • Goals have to be in harmony with each other and they must be congruent to your fundamental values. 
Answer the following questions to give you an insight as to what your major goals should be:
1. What are the 5 things that you value most in life?
2. In 30 seconds or less, write down the 3 most important goals in your life right now.
3. What would you do if you won $1 million in the lottery tomorrow?
4. What would you do and how would you spend your time if you learned that you had 6 months to live?
5. What have you always wanted to do but been afraid to attempt?
6. In looking back over all the things you have done in your life, what things or certain circumstances gave you the greatest feeling of importance? The greatest feeling of mental well being and self esteem?
7. Imagine that you received one wish. What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?

Once you have answered these questions, pick one major, definite purpose in life. Pick the thing where the accomplishment will lead to the attainment of many other minor goals. Commit all of your effort toward this one thing.

Goal setting method:

Step 1: Desire. Set a goal you intensely desire.

Step 2: Belief. You must absolutely believe that you can achieve this goal. Set a goal that is realistic and believable but at the same time challenging.

Step 3: Write it down. Essential!!! Write it in complete detail, exactly as you wish to have it.

Step 4: Determine how you will benefit from achieving your goal. The more reasons you have to accomplish a goal, the more desire and belief you will have.

Step 5: Analyse your position and measure your current status.

Step 6: Set a deadline. Determine the latest date for achieving this goal. You have to be able to clearly measure the beginning point, the end point and the steps in between. Otherwise you will lose motivation.

Step 7: Identify the obstacles you will have to overcome in order to achieve your goals. 

Step 8: Identify the knowledge you will need in order to achieve your goal. 

Step 9: Identify the people, groups and organisations whose cooperation and assistance you will need in order to attain your goal. 

Step 10: Take all the details from the last 3 steps and make a plan. Make it complete and detailed, including all of the activities you will have to complete in order to achieve your goal. Itemise these in terms of priority and time. Commit this plan  to paper and repeatedly go back to it, review it etc. Rewrite it over and over until it is perfect. You can change it as you need to. 

Step 11: Get a clear mental image of your goal as already attained. Hold this in your mind and think about it all the time. 

Step 12: Back your plan with determination and persistence and resolve to never, never, never give up. 

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