Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shoe Envy.....

I started my "Unravelling" course last week and the topic of our first assignment was 'feet'. Today was the first chance I had to read some of the comments that my fellow 'unravellers' had written about my photos. As pathetic as it may sound, I was like a proud mother when I read the compliments paid to my AMAZING brown boots from Barneys New York. They are one of my most treasured possessions in the world. They make me feel so happy when I wear them and I love everything about them. I love their colour, texture, the wedge heel, the hidden zipper, the front shape......ok I will stop now because I'm going a bit overboard - but they are one HOT PAIR OF BOOTS. I promised my 'unravelling buddies' that I would add some photos here to show the full effect of the boots. I also haven't been able to control myself and have included two other pairs of shoes that were purchased on the same trip. (There were others as well but this will do me for now). It may seem excessive, but when you consider that I bought these shoes on a trip 3 years ago and I have not purchased any other shoes since then, I say that is value for money. They are still all going strong and I hope they bring as much joy to you as they continue to bring to me.........!

Marc Jacobs black bow heels
Barneys New York boots

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