Thursday, May 14, 2009

Acts of kindness...

Tonight I want to mention two acts of kindness that I witnessed this afternoon in the space of about 15 minutes. After I picked my little man up from daycare we went into the convenience store across the road to grab a few things. The gentleman behind the counter was really lovely the last time I was in there and today was no exception. He kept telling me how cute the little man is (even though said little man looked like an absolute wreck - I have no idea what went on at daycare today but it didn't appear to involve removing breakfast, lunch or snacks from a certain person's face, hands, clothing, hair etc). Anyway, the man insisted that I take a lollypop, on the house, for the little man. It was such a sweet gesture (even sweeter when I realised that the little man was too little for lollypops and I would therefore have an unexpected treat!). Then, when we were driving home I saw two young people pushing an elderly ladies' car to the side of the road for her, as she had broken down in the middle of a very busy road in peak hour. A simple thing I know, but so often people would just kept driving past or around someone, rather than help (especially when they don't know them). So often its the random acts of kindness that leave such an impression upon you and its so lovely when they come your way. 

Oh, I don't know how I nearly forgot this one but THE LITTLE MAN CRAWLED FOR REAL TODAY. YEAH!!!!! Granted, he shuffled on his hands and knees a sum total of about 4 times, but its better than he has done before. Some mothers may fret about the fact that their son isn't crawling and STILL HAS NO TEETH at 9 and 1/2 months of age. But it only makes me love him more for being 'my unique, relatively stationary, little Gummy Bear!'

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