Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lessons learned...

The topic for this week in my "Unravelling" course is "Reflections". I have left it right up until the last minute but I have finally posted two photos for this week. To be honest, up until yesterday I had only taken one photo and I wasn't even going to take any other pictures or upload anything. I was stuck worrying about what I look like or how I would be perceived etc etc. But tonight I just became so angry with myself and I thought what am I doing?. I have already wasted enough of my life (particularly the teenage years and early twenties) being extremely self conscious and feeling as though I don't measure up. I have come so far in terms of self acceptance, so why have I resorted back to my old ways of thinking as soon as my physical appearance is concerned? 

Anyway, I posted a photo of myself (as you can see above), just as I am tonight. I am who I am and no amount of self criticism will change that. Over the past 9 months I have learnt beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is my attitude, my actions, my values, my heart and my spirit that define me and have drawn other people to me. These are the things that have helped me get my life back - not my physical appearance. When I look in the mirror now, I see a person who is caring, determined, mentally strong, passionate, hopeful and happy. I am now genuinely proud of who I am. And that is what has finally made me feel beautiful.


  1. Gorgeous!
    Your words really resonate.
    I have found this week really really difficult (mostly for lots of non-unravelly reasons)but to then turn the camera on myself, I have resisted and resisted.
    I just wanted to say, I hear you.
    Sas x (unraveller)

  2. You look truly beautiful and happy Bel.

  3. well done!! this is a really sweet photo. yr smile lights up the whole mirror!!
    love it :)