Saturday, May 30, 2009

Girls night out....

I am so lucky to live in an apartment building with some of the best neighbours ever. Many of us are couples around the same age, with two other couples having babies last year, just like us. This shared bond has ensured that we have become really close and it is so wonderful to have two other women to swap concerns with, to share good and bad stories with, to take walks around the park with and to have as a support network. As couples, we have had numerous 'building bbq's and tapas parties on the common rooftop' (very Secret Life of Us for all you Aussies), however, us girls have never been out on our own, minus children and husbands.

Until last night....We had such a good time, starting with drinks at a local pub, followed by dinner at a tapas restaurant and ending with cocktails at a nearby club. Despite being very tired this morning, I had a great night and am so glad we finally did this. I woke up this morning feeling very lucky indeed to have crossed paths with these gals and it is so lovely to think that our little ones will grow up together. If you are reading this girls, thanks a bunch and I look forward to our next 'outing'! X

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