Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Strange title I know, but I am actually referring to my youngest sister who is currently living in Germany (Don't you love nicknames that your family give you?).  I haven't seen her for 7 months and won't see her again for at least another 5 months. She is the best youngest sister a person could ask for and I just wanted to tell her how much I miss her:

Fluff, it warms my heart to know that reading my blog is part of your morning ritual - so here is a happy morning message just for you!. 
Many hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxo  x Bel 
(P.S. Your last comment on my blog worked. Thank you!)

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  1. I miss you too Bel!! Less than 5 months now. I promise the time will fly by. Soon we will be eating cup cakes and wandering the streets of Paddington.
    Thanks for your post, it made my month!