Monday, August 10, 2009

Goals Update....

So today I completed the last of my goals that I set for July. Yes, I am a bit behind in getting them all done but the fact that they were challenging to complete makes it even more satisfying. The goals changed  slightly from the ones I originally posted but the majority remained the same. Here's what I have accomplished this month:
  1. I listened to all my Brian Tracy CD's for lululemon training.
  2. I finished my "in the fish bowl" e-course.
  3. I am able to run continuously for 3o minutes (after just starting to run again).
  4. I completed 1 new artwork/drawing.
  5. I visited St John of God hospital to donate 8 wall hangings and 8 cushions that my Step-Mum made for the rooms there. She has also completed a blanket (pictured below) to give to one of the Mum's at the hospital - with more to come. I was blown away by how wonderful these gifts were and am so thankful for my Step-Mum's generosity.
Extra: I also listened to another set of 3 CD's called "Goals" by Brian Tracy (also for lululemon).

1 comment:

  1. That's a gorgeous blanket! What a great thing you and your step-mom are doing and I love that you are posting Brian Tracy bits also - great to read.

    Does that mean you are jogging in the winter down there? I've finally started jogging after months of procrastination. Hoping to do a 10 K race at the end of October.

    How is it at Lululemon? I keep thinking of you every time I go by a store!! Sending you a big Unravelling hug!