Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Horizons....

This week marks the start of a new adventure for me career wise. Yes, I am still a lulu but as of this week I am officially the Manager of the Warringah Mall store. This was only an opportunity that came into my life a couple of weeks ago and not one that I had necessarily seen on my horizon. As I have learnt over the years though, things come into your life for a reason and even though you might not be aware of it at the time, the reason or reasons will slowly present themselves. I have to say that I am really embracing this unexpected path that I am now on. As a person who has spent most of her life having to know exactly where she is heading, my greatest learnings have stemmed from letting that expectation go and accepting that 'not knowing' is a place that I need to sit in every now and then. Not only does it allow me to take the pressure off myself but also leaves space for the possibility of anything and everything to come into my life, which is very exciting. So here's to a new chapter, new experiences and new lulu friends!

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