Sunday, May 23, 2010

Manifesto Of Style....

I was reading Danielle LaPorte's Manifesto of Style taken from her first book "Style Statement. Live By Your Own Design". Here are my favourite snippets:
  • Authenticity is energising, economical and efficient. Self awareness leads to true style.
  • People are like snowflakes; uniquely beautiful because of the details. Celebrate what sets you apart, what's most popular and true for you, and your own specialness will become clear.
  • Pay attention to what attracts you. Ask yourself: What am I drawn to?
  • Use your best everyday. Life is too short to wait for that special occasion to bring out your finery, your treasures, your brilliance, and the best of your love.
  • Choose from your heart and your life will fill up with things you love. What works is what feels right.
  • Its always a good time to be yourself. And its never too late. Possibility exists all the time, everywhere.
  • Make more choices - moment to moment, day to day. You are the designer of your life. Be selective, creative and intentional in every possible way.
Love it!

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