Friday, May 7, 2010


Today I am feeling a bit like the world is whizzing around me at 100 miles per hour and that my life is turning upside down. I am trying to stay grounded and remind myself that the things that are turning upside down are doing so because they need to. Still, its a challenging, challenging time and I am calling on every ounce of my personal strength to get through this period of my life. So when I was reading Eoinn Finn's blog and read the word Blissology, and his definition, it brought a smile to my face and a much needed feeling of calm.

Eoinn defines the word Blissology as "the art of creating a path that maximises the highest degree of happiness for you and all beings".

[Origin: 1990 a.d Various conversations with Eoinn and his good friends over tasty merlot]. I love that!

Blissology is a time of reflection and dialogue with others. The tendency in life is to get pulled by the forces that lull us into a state of mediocrity or to drift aimlessly though our days. Time spent mastering the skills of blissology pay off hugely in the department of lasting happiness.

How great is this concept? Eoinn's mix of humour and seriousness is so up my alley. He has started a group called the Bliss Army which promotes spontaneous relaxation. This idea was inspired by the enlightenment he achieved one day whilst doing his Hammock Asana Posture (ie, lying in his hammock - I think that could easily be my favourite posture too!).

Just to give you a little more info, Eoinn Finn is one of Vancouver's best Yoga instructors, and the very first lululemon athletica Ambassador. Eoinn has a commitment to teaching, sharing and promoting yoga, health and bliss. He has produced a number of yoga DVD's (his "Yoga for Happiness 2" DVD was the first thing I ever purchased from a lululemon store and I love it). On his website, Eoinn Finn Yoga , there is a thing called the Happy Map, which are "aphorisms for harmonious living" as he puts it. There are many, many sayings and ideas on the map but I thought I would share a few with you that particularly resonated with me today:

Every culture has currents that will pull you into a life of uninspired mediocrity. Follow your Bliss.
Remember that the word 'Should' starts with "Shhhh...".
Let awe flow through you. Don't let even the smallest things be taken for granted or grow stale.
Aim for the stars but stay grounded in simplicity.
Creativity is pure magic.
Resist the tendency to drift through life like a cork, chart your course. Why bob around when you can surf?
Everything that doesn't go right, goes wrong for all the right reasons (although it may take time to see this).

I am dedicating this blog post to my beautiful new friend Jen, who reminded me of Eoinn Finn's greatness yesterday.
Love is the ultimate Renewable Resource.

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