Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mondo Beyondo Dreaming List....

image by Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie (via flickr)

One of my tasks for the Mondo Beyondo course was to create a Dreaming List. It could be as long as I liked and the point was to put anything and everything on it. I then had to put the list in an envelope and leave it sealed for just over 1 week. Tonight I had to pull it out, read it and think about the things I had put on my list. I'll share them with you (they are in no particular order):

  • Meet Oprah Winfrey.
  • Open my own store called 'Give Love Get Love' with inspiring items for children.
  • Become proficient in using illustrator and other such software.
  • Spend at least 6 months living in Canada (including Whistler).
  • Buy a house in Byron Bay.
  • Earn a living from writing my blog.
  • Own a book store.
  • Take Bailey to Disneyland.
  • Meet Bono.
  • Open ivivva athletica in Australia.
  • Become General Manager of ivivva athletica/lululemon athletica (Asia/Pacific).
  • Buy Lachlan a motorbike.
  • Buy a house in Clovelly/Bronte.
  • Spend 4 weeks a year on holiday with Lach and Bailey.
  • Learn to play tennis properly (take lessons).
  • Sell my artwork.
These are definitely a work in progress. I haven't quite figured most of them out, but I'm just going to put them out there, let them sit a while and see what comes!

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  1. I completely believe that you will achieve these dreams and beyond! You are an inspiration. Thank you for always elevating those of us who have the privilege of being around you.