Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is why I do what I do....

Today I had an amazing experience in the store. I met Michel and Helene who are part of a group of four Canadian cyclists from the Motor Adaptation Foundation who are in Australia as part of their “Seeing Beyond” World Tour. This group's incredible adventure began back in 2003, and by 2012 they hope to have completed 42, 195km across at least 4 continents. Backed by Lions International, and more specifically by the Lions Club of Quebec l'Ancienne-Lorette, these four Canadians have been leading by example, riding across North America and Europe to show the world that everyone, young and old, including anyone with disabilities, needs to take an active part in life and maintain good mental and physical health. The group have achieved their goal of riding 4,219.5km in Australia, and did so in 39 days. And, get this: The youngest member of the team is 68 years of age!!!!!

Michel and Helene initially came in the store because they wanted to purchase an inspiring gift for someone and decided to get him one of our water bottles. Once I heard their story, I told them they could choose four bottles, one for each person in their group, and take them as a gift from lululemon to congratulate them and support them on their journey. They were completely overwhelmed by this offering and said that the I 'heart' lululemon bottles would always remind them of me. (They also said they would be telling everyone where their bottles came from). Even more touching was the fact that they returned to the store later in the afternoon, because they wanted to have their photo taken with me (Awwwww!). Despite being from Canada, Michel and Helene were not familiar with lululemon. I feel quite privileged to have been their introduction to our culture and brand.

How lucky am I that I get to have these wonderful experiences as part of a days 'work'?

Note: To read more about this group and their inspiring founder, you can click here.

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