Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This week has been a very powerful week for me so far. And it is all because of feedback. We all need constructive feedback in order to help us achieve greatness. Yesterday I received two emails from lululemon colleagues whom I really admire. I was overwhelmed by the feedback they gave me in terms of where they can see me going with the company and about who I am as a person. Exactly what they said is not important for this post (although I do think Belinda Youll General Manager lululemon athletica Australia has a nice ring to it don't you? - I was going to write ha ha here but I deleted it as I would be playing small and I'm all about playing big!). What is important is the impact that this feedback had on me and how it made me feel. And what I want to pass on to everyone is that you should never underestimate the impact you can have on someone by offering them honest and positive feedback. One encouraging word, sentence or conversation can literally change a person's life. You may think it is insignificant but it could actually be a defining moment in their path to greatness. The best thing is, we all have the power to be that person for someone else, so get cracking with that feedback!

I also want to acknowledge Elizabeth, who is one of my fellow lulu's at the ivy store. She gave me some incredible feedback this week as well (how lucky am I this week?) by telling me how much she missed my presence while I was away at the lululemon conference in Melbourne. She also told me that I had changed her entire experience of living in Australia by making her feel included and welcome. (Oh my gosh, I'm tearing up re-living this conversation!). Anyway, thank you sweet pea. Your words meant so much to me. xx

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