Friday, October 16, 2009

What are you going to do about the fact that you are here?

It isn't an accident that I am where I am in life right now. It isn't an accident that I am at lululemon at this particular time in my life (as opposed to any other). It isn't an accident that I have been blessed with the responsibility of guiding and celebrating the gorgeous life of my little man right now. I believe that I needed to go through everything I have gone through in my life up to this point, so that I could be in a place to appreciate, understand and truly be a part of this amazing movement that is lululemon. I needed to be pushed to the limits of what I thought I was capable of and even to have that moment where I was essentially choosing between life and death, so that I can help my little man experience the world and his life in the happiest and greatest way possible. I came to lululemon for a reason, I have a husband and son for a reason, I have gone through all these highs and lows for a reason. Understanding these reasons and acknowledging these reasons is all good and well, but there needs to be more.

So last night (with the help of some lulu inspiration), I asked myself the question "What am I doing about the fact that I am here?". The answer to the question of why I came to lululemon was to develop people. Now that I have sat down and actually thought about that question and answered it, it seems so obvious. The way in which I live my life and all of the choices I am making in my life now come back to this one thing. And the choices I have made in the past are intrinsically linked to that as well. I became a teacher so that I could develop young people and help them be all that they could be. I wanted to be, and I was privileged to be, the person who took a stand for my students. I was the voice whispering in many young people's ears saying "I believe in you, be great". Where I am now is just an extension of this and comes back to the same desire. I am passionate about everyone (including myself), living their best life. I love my fellow lulu's, my family, my friends, guests I meet each day and myself, enough that I want to do everything in my power to share what I know and what I am learning so that they and we can achieve greatness.

Regardless of where you work, what you do, how old you are etc I urge you to ask yourself "What are you doing about the fact that you are here?". What are you on this earth for? What have you been given this life for? Find the answer to that question and then get out there and live it!

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