Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some spiritual guidance.....

A number of my friends, and I, have Oracle cards (anyone interested at all in Spirituality or Spirit Guides etc will know what I'm on about. For anyone who doesn't, oracle cards allow you to give readings that can initiate healing, give you messages about your life purpose, help you release fears and emotional blocks etc). There are lots of different kinds but this morning I was at my sisters house and decided to do a reading with her cards, which are Goddess cards. My question was around my next move in life and where to go to from here. These were the cards that I pulled:

Artemis - Guardian: "You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected". You have a sacred mission to spread love and light yet this isn't a position that comes from tension or worry. Instead, the gentle essence of a joyful heart and light hearted laughter sets your power into motion. So, ease your mind of all cares and concerns, and concentrate instead upon your holy mission. Possible meanings from this card could be your future is safe and secure; All your needs are being met and always will be; the worst is behind you.

Ostara: It is the perfect time for you to start new projects, access new ideas, and give birth to new conditions. You can paint a sunnier outlook within yourself, which will give rise to all sorts of new opportunities, since like attracts like. Feel more energised and powerful as you spruce up your inner and outer worlds. Then capitalise on your increased vigor by starting a new project that really makes your heart sing with excitement. Possible meanings of this card could be your desire will manifest in the spring time, which is any time the light increases in your mind and entire system; your new idea or venture will be successful; its an opportune time to make life changes.

Maeve: Know that this lull won't last forever. Seek support for dealing with emotional crises. A doorway of opportunity has opened up and you need to walk through it now.

I know deep down in my heart that what these cards are telling me is true. The situation I now find myself in and which I have orchestrated is here for a reason and is a huge opportunity for me to walk down a path towards truly discovering my life's purpose. What I'm struggling with is fear. I have a completely blank canvas on which to create anything I want with my life and my ego is throwing up fears ie money concerns, self doubt etc to prevent me from moving forward. I am reverting back to ways of being which I know do not serve me and which are making me miserable (and have done so for most of my life) but when faced with this enormous fear my mind is choosing this anyway because it is familiar which in the moment of fear feels better than the unknown - in that moment anyway). My challenge is to find the strength, skills and support to feel the fear but to keep moving through the door of opportunity anyway. Even though I don't know where I'm going, what I will do or where I will end up. The barrier that is in front of me is not a lack of money or even not having a job. Its myself and, more specifically, my thoughts. Once I can shift these, the rest will fall into place.

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