Friday, February 12, 2010

An Inspiration....

(Sydney design duo Arent&Pyke - via The Design Files)
Sarah-Jane left of shot

Today I was browsing my fave design blogs and came across something that made my heart sing. Featured in the Design Files (and apparently Real Living Magazine) today, is Arent and Pyke, an amazing design duo from Sydney. The little piece that is special to me is the fact that I went to high school with Sarah-Jane Pyke and I am just so so so so extremely proud and excited to see where she is at today. We were part of a gang of kids who didn't live close to our school, so we spent many hours traveling on the train together, and then later driving to and from school. We lost touch once we left school, but our paths would cross every now and then through mutual friends. What stands out for me is how Sarah-Jane has remained true to herself and followed her dream. She was one of the most intelligent students in our class; mature beyond her years and so witty. I would actually never have guessed that this would be where she would end up in life, but to see her creative spirit out there and her being so successful makes me feel really, really great.

Follow your dreams everyone....

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