Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Never Postpone Joy...."

As some of you may know, one of my creative loves is photography. It was always one of those things that was in the back of my mind as 'something I would get to one day'. I had fallen into this trap of thinking that life was something that would eventually happen once I had ticked all the boxes of school, uni, getting a job, establishing a career, buying property etc.  At the end of last year it dawned on me that 'one day' may never come and that it was utterly crazy to keep putting off the things that could potentially bring the greatest joy to my life. 'Life' is what's happening now and if I didn't change my way of thinking, it would all pass me by and I would reach the end of it with a million regrets. For a great deal of my life, fear of failure has stopped me from trying things or moving out of my comfort zone. But now my fear of getting to the end of my life and not having done things far outweighs any fear I have of failing.  

So I enrolled in a course at The Australian Centre for Photography and it was fantastic. The feeling that you get from saying I want to do something and just doing it is amazing. I can now say that I have done a photography course and recently had one of my photos shown in an exhibition at the centre.

The next step in my photographic journey is to complete an online course, titled "Unravelling: Ways of seeing myself". The course is run by Susannah Conway, a British writer and photographer and it is essentially eight weeks of learning about yourself through photography. I can't wait to start as Susannah is super talented and her own personal journey is truly inspirational. Her blog 'Ink on My Fingers' is a must read for me each day and I know this will be a very special experience. The course starts next week so I will keep you informed of my progress as I go. 

So if there is something that you have always been wanting to do, don't put it off any longer. Life is happening now, so make the most of it! 

P.S Before I go I had to include this image titled 'mother and child', which was taken by another one of my favourite photographers, Myla Kent. Her images are beautiful and are often accompanied by inspiring and thought provoking quotes. You can view more images from her
portfolio here and you can read her blog here. Enjoy!

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