Monday, April 27, 2009

I am officially a 'working mother'.

I have survived my first day of work but it is now 8pm and I've just about hit the brick wall. Our little man decided to test me to the max by waking up every 1-2 hours last night. It was quite surreal to go back to work. In a sense it's as if all other areas of my life have moved with me on my new journey but work is the only aspect that hasn't because I've been totally removed from it (if that makes sense?). Tomorrow all the girls will be back so that will be the real test!

Lovely husband was in charge of after daycare activities tonight and I have to say it was very strange to be the one walking in the door at 7pm. I expected my little man to be safely tucked up in bed but instead I found both husband and son asleep on the lounge. Apparently the little man made it no further than being taken out of the bath before he was dead to the world. I was secretly quite happy because it meant that I got to sneak in a few unexpected hugs and kisses. 

I dare say I will be in bed asleep by 9pm. I'm hoping that as I get into the swing of being a 'working mother' I will be able to manage things so that I can also fit in and keep up with all my creative pursuits. If anyone has any tips on how they manage to do this, feel free to leave me some comments. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Fingers crossed that I am in my bed for longer than I am out of it tonight....

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