Friday, February 4, 2011

Not Knowing

My note from the Universe the other day could not have been more on the money when it said:

Has "you not knowing how," Bel, ever stopped me before?

Has "you not knowing the way," ever kept it hidden from me?

Has "you not knowing when," ever stopped me from figuring it out?


Ever, ever?

Or, Bel, do I revel in such freedoms?

The Universe

You see, right now, I'm sitting in a world of 'not knowing'. 'Not knowing' to an A-type personality like myself can be the definition of torture. Once upon a time I would have driven myself crazy or tied myself in knots trying to force things to happen in order to make the 'not knowing' disappear asap. But the Bel whose intention is to re-connect with her intuition is doing her best to accept that this is where I am right now and that the answer is not to force things. Instead, i am accepting what is and having faith that the universe will lead me where I need to go. The only way I can hear the signs though is to be still and take the time to listen. So that is what I'm doing. Despite resigning from my job and not knowing what I will be doing next, I am going to take a deep breath and let what will be, be.

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