Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunny Days....

Another amazing day weather wise in Sydney town. I was lucky enough to spend the morning at Manly browsing in shops, having a coffee and reading on the beach. It was a hot day but there was a beautiful breeze that just made me feel as though all my energy was being cleared out... exactly what I needed. I'm making a point of getting outdoors and today just reminded me of what an amazing effect even a couple of hours in that environment can have. I'm thinking a holiday in the sun is much needed in the next few weeks.... Following my beautiful time on the beach was a session with my wonder gal, Krista Jane who helped me get some direction in regards to my next work move and left me feeling centred and hopeful as always (once again, if you're in Sydney, GO SEE THIS GAL!!!).

Was so excited to go and pick up my little man who had spent last night and today with my Dad and Step Mum but was promptly met with 'Go away Mummy!'. Clearly I am no match for nanny and pa. Fingers crossed I become lovable again over night.....

Thank you to the universe for a wonderful day nonetheless!

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