Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking Ahead....

  • That I had the strength to get through it - has been very tough emotionally and mentally.
  • That I had the support of my Mum and Step-dad (financially and emotionally).
  • That I had the support of Stace and that we have remained just as close throughout this year.
  • That I had the support of my other sisters.
  • That I had the support of my Dad and Step-Mum.
  • That I was the best Mum I could be to Bailey and put him first.
  • That I found my own place to live and I am happy there.
  • That I met and was able to work with some great energy healers and psychologists who have helped me greatly.
  • That Camille (my second niece) was born.
  • That I have my little man in my life.
  • Finding myself managing the store at Warringah Mall, which is where I needed to be this year for many reasons.
  • That both sets of Grandparents in my family have a wonderful relationship with Bailey.
  • That I have friends who have listened and advised me throughout the year.

  • To feel excited and alive.
  • To be focused on me!
  • To live with intention; setting goals, consistently working on them, re-evaluating them and achieving them.
  • To continue to enrol the help of energy healers and professionals to work through areas of my life in which I am blocked.
  • To only choose to bring people and experiences into my life that make me feel excited and alive.
  • To move every day and to get outdoors each week.
  • To write in my journal each night to gain clarity about my thoughts and feelings, and to express and focus on things I am grateful for.
  • To be organised and intentional re the way I live my life (eg. pay bills on time, grocery shop regularly, exercise, take time out when needed).
  • To travel to India in September on Krista Jane's cultural yoga and meditation retreat.
  • To be clear about what I want in a future partner so that I can attract that into my life.
  • To be in a place where I truly love myself so that I can truly allow someone else to love me.

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