Sunday, April 25, 2010

Og Mandino....

(Image via Og Mandino blog)

"Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts. " Scroll VI

I was checking out the Og Mandino website last night and subsequently ended up on the computer all night! The site is called "Intentional Creation - Og Mandino for the 21st Century", and I completed the free Intentional Creation Assessment that is on there. It was really, really interesting. You do two quick activities and you get an analysis of your external and internal world. It tells you aspects of these two worlds that are balanced, slightly out of balance, frequently out of balance and consistently out of balance. For each aspect you can discover what your thoughts want you to do, what the sabotaging thought process in this area often looks like, and a positive affirmation for this area.

For example, in my internal world I am consistently out of balance in one thing; being Pragmatic. My thoughts want me to be anxious, impatient and annoyed (oh boy, is this ringing true for me or what!). The affirmation I can tell myself and need to remember when these sabotaging thoughts come to play is "I am process oriented. I accurately and realistically assess the time, energy and actions needed to create my dreams and make them a tangible reality."

There is nothing that I am consistently out of balance in, in my external world but what struck me was the areas that I am balanced in here: Empathetic, Compliant, Consistent, Proactive and Tolerant. These actually match my strengths (as seen when I shared my results from the strengths finder assessment). In my internal world my ability to be Resolute and Unconditional is balanced. (Good to know since the possibility I created for myself a little while back was unconditional love and inspiration!).

Anyway, I found it really interesting, particularly in helping me to be more aware of the areas in which I am frequently out of balance. Now I have some little reminders to tell myself when I fall into the trap of listening to my sabotaging thoughts.

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